Security Service

All our systems are security certificated.

We review security on all systems regularly and take guidance from Penn test results.

Web Design &
Web Development

Web Design &
Web Development

Our objective is to create systems which are easy to use and benefit your business.


Data Integration

Edatachase can bring your company together, and your customers closer, working for common goals.

Mobile &

Mobile Systems

Our systems are designed to work on any mobile device with:

Android, Windows 8, iOS

Support & Services

Support & Services

Edatachase response time is immediate in working hours.

Although our working times are 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays.

Contacts &

Contacts & Feedback

If you are interested in more info about: Bespoke Data System, Web-site Back-Office, CRM, HR, Business Tools, Logistics, Internet of Things, Risk Management and many others:

Our Services & Features

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise
  • Customer Support and Services
  • Working Partnerships
  • Ownership and Leasing
  • More Talents
Edatachase works either directly for companies who have no in-house IT-capability, or for your IT department. Our expertise covers:
SDK / Frameworks and technologies based on Java:
Frameworks / Web Applications and technologies based on PHP:

Customer support and service

Edatachase offers customer support and service directly with our service team. Customer support is integral to all lease fees and covers all system related problems. Although our working times are 8am to 6pm weekdays, if an emergency falls outside this period, we are contactable and will do our best to address any urgent problems out of hours.

Edatachase response time is immediate in working hours. Fix times will vary according to the problem, but we will keep you informed on progress.

We are here to support both our systems and our clients: we don't work unless you do.

Working Partnerships

We always work 'with' our clients rather than 'for' them. Over the time of the development of any given project, we offer full support at the level you want, from working directly to your own specified brief to full consultancy on how to develop software to support your business fully. We want your business to grow from a strong base and to be with you as it grows. We are happy to work with your partners in creating unified information platforms. And with your clients and supplier to create a unified business.

Ownership and leasing

If a bespoke system is built for you, we pass full ownership to you, with the option of your taking up a maintenance and management contract which will include some levels of development.

If you lease an adapted generic system, the monthly payment will cover full use of the system, hosting, maintenance and some development. We will own the system itself (the programming); you own all data you upload into the system. All data is available in CSV download.