About Us

EDataChase is a software development company which has grown from a compliance consultancy.

We found that the majority of business consultancy we undertook in compliance fields was treated as a "tickbox" solution and not integrated into the working practises of our clients.

We also found that day to day good practise was difficult to communicate, particularly in multi-site organisations with high staff turnover (in other words, our then client base).

Ten years ago, we employed our first programmers to devise an interactive Risk Management System - RMS to record, report and communicate safe working practise throughout one of Britain's largest business retail companies.

We now have systems in all types of company throughout the UK and Europe.

Many are taken from our portfolio of generic solutions: most of those generic systems have flourished from a bespoke brief given to us to address a particular issue or from our own needs as a company.

EDataChase has a practical, hands-on approach to software:

  • We design systems we use ourselves in the day to day running of our own work;
  • There should be nothing complicated in systems which affect your whole work force or customer base.

Why Choose Us?



Edatachase works either directly for companies who have no in-house IT-capability, or for your IT department.

Support & Services

Support & Services

Edatachase response time is immediate in working hours.

Although our working times are 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays.


Working Partnerships

We always work "with" our clients rather than "for" them.

We want your business to grow from a strong base and to be with you as it grows.

Ownership & Leasing

Ownership & Leasing

If a bespoke system is built for you, we pass full ownership to you, with the option of your taking up a maintenance and management contract which will include some levels of development.



All EDataChase systems are encrypted (unless otherwise specified), with member only access to specific information.

  • We review security on all systems regularly and take guidance from Penn test results.
  • We ensure that our/your security levels are maintained to the highest industry standards.

Access levels are designated by the system owner

All systems are security certificated