About | Customer Support and Service


EDataChase offers customer support and service directly with our service team. Customer support is integral to all lease fees and covers all system related problems. Although our working times are 8am to 6pm weekdays, if an emergency falls outside this period, we are contactable and will do our best to address any urgent problems out of hours.

EDataChase response time is immediate in working hours. Fix times will vary according to the problem, but we will keep you informed on progress.

We are here to support both our systems and our clients: we don't work unless you do.



All EDataChase systems are encrypted (unless otherwise specified), with member only access to specific information.

  • We review security on all systems regularly and take guidance from Penn test results.
  • We ensure that our/your security levels are maintained to the highest industry standards.

Access levels are designated by the system owner

All systems are security certificated