Data Systems | Bespoke


Bespoke Systems built have involved a wide variety of businesses, on an equivalently wide range of issues.
Our Systems are designed to be delivered by Cloud Servers and Data captured and assessed on the full spectrum of hardware - from Internal Servers to Telephone Handsets, with Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and hand held devices of all kinds filling the in-between.


Functionality of bespoke systems have utilised the following functionality (so far):

  • Data Gathering;
  • Data Management;
  • Reporting;
  • Data Integration;
  • Document building and collation
    (including photographs / images, graphics and videos);
  • File building and collation;
  • Surveys / Quizzes;
  • Compilation and delivery of training / learning materials
    (including photographs / images, graphics and videos);
  • Client / Staff / Asset / Work Tracking;
  • Client / Staff / Asset / Work Management;
  • Accounts / Financial Management;