Data Systems | White Label


EDataChase offers White Label solutions for you - either by using / adapting one of our own generic systems or enabling you to on-sell your Bespoke Systems, while maintaining control of the clients to whom you sell the system.

If your Data System depends on input from contractors or franchisees, a White Label System - where the livery of your co-suppliers can be on the home page, and where relevant data is fed directly to you (with the permission of your contracted supplier).

We have a number of "hub" systems, designed for franchised companies, which can gather data from franchisees, to enable support for best practice. Where personal data is included in reports (Accidents and Incidents / Holidays and Absences etc.), data is "cleaned" for the head franchise system.

Alternatively, you might sell your services through third party sales reps / brokers and want to offer your services with a number of faces.